Yoram Hazony

Yoram Hazony is the Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation, and serves as the President of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem. His book, The Virtue of Nationalism (Basic Books, 2018), won the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Conservative Book of the Year Award in 2019.


Christopher DeMuth

Christopher DeMuth is the Chairman of the National Conservatism Conference, an event of the Edmund Burke Foundation, and is a distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute. He was President of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research from 1986 to 2008 and D.C. Searle Senior Fellow at AEI from 2008 to 2011.

David Brog

David Brog is the President of the Edmund Burke Foundation and the Executive Director of the Maccabee Task Force. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of Christians United for Israel. Mr. Brog is the author of, among other books, Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace (Gateway Editions, 2017).

Anna Wellisz

Anna Wellisz is the VP for External Affairs of the Edmund Burke Foundation. Previously, she was a Senior Director at the White House Writers Group.  She has taught literature, persuasive writing, and business communications at UC Berkeley, DeVry University, and the Keller Graduate School of Management. Her pieces appeared in GlaukopisAnnals Australasia, and the Wall Street Journal.

Ofir Haivry

Ofir Haivry is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Edmund Burke Foundation and is a political theorist and historian. He also serves as the vice president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, and head of the Institute’s National Strategy Initiative. Dr. Haivry is the author of John Selden and the Western Political Tradition (Cambridge University Press, 2017).


Josh Hammer

Josh Hammer is a Research Fellow at the Edmund Burke Foundation, opinion editor of Newsweek, and a syndicated columnist. A constitutional attorney by background and former federal law clerk, Josh is a frequent commentator and campus speaker on political, legal, and cultural issues. His research for the Edmund Burke Foundation specializes in the Anglo-American jurisprudential tradition.