The National Conservatism Conference: The Future of the Nation-State in Europe

NatCon brings together public figures, journalists, scholars, and students who understand that the past and future of conservatism are inextricably tied to the idea of the nation, to the principle of national independence, and to the revival of the unique national traditions that alone have the power to bind a people together and bring about their flourishing.

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    Conference Schedule

    8:00am Registration Opens
    Chris DeMuth, "The Nation is the Heart of the Matter"
    H.E. Vsevolod Chentsov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, “Security Assessments in Our Common House – Europe”
    9:45am Panel 1: War in Ukraine: Facing the Russian Aggression

    Attila Demkó, "The European Need for Steel and Spirit to Face the Russian Threat"
    Anna Fotyga MEP, "The Polish Assistance to Ukraine"
    Piotr Naimski, “Energy is Security”
    Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, "France After the Russian Invasion"
    Brigadier Geoffrey Van Orden CBE, "The EU's Weakening of the West"

    Moderator: Robert Tyler

    11:00am Coffee Break
    H.E. Judit Varga, Minister of Justice of Hungary, “The Values we Share: Constitutional Identity in the European Union”
    11:50pm Panel 2: National Conservatism and the Nation State

    Balazs Orban, "National Sovereignty vs. Empire and International Government"
    Ofir Haivry, “National Self-Definition and the War in Ukraine”
    John O’Sullivan CBE, “Ukraine and the National Idea”
    Josh Hammer, “Transatlantic Lessons in Migration and National Identity”

    Moderator: Richard Milsom

    1:10pm Lunch Break
    2:00pm Panel 3: European Security in the Contest Between China and the United States

    Fatmir Mediu, "The Three Seas Initiative as a Counter to China and Russia"
    Earl of Dartmouth, "Confronting China: The State of Europe"
    Charlie Weimers MEP, "Principled Realism to Counter China and Russia"
    Lucio Malan, “China has a Plan for Europe. What is our Plan for China?”

    Moderator: Alvino-Mario Fantini

    Yoram Hazony, “Ukraine and the Brotherhood of Nations”
    3:40pm Coffee Break
    4:10pm Panel 4: The Future of Faith, Family & National Culture

    David Engels, “European Renewal Through National and Cultural Patriotism”
    Stephen Bartulica MEP, “The Traditional Family”
    Father Benedict Kiely, “The Forgotten Christians”
    Eva Vlaardingerbroek, “Reject Globalism: Embrace God”

    Moderator: Ellen Kryger Fantini

    Rod Dreher, “Culture, Christianity, and the Fate of the West”
    5:50pm END OF DAY ONE
    9:00am WELCOME
    Anna Wellisz
    Päivi Räsänen, “Defending the Foundational Rights in Europe”
    9:40am Panel 1: Redefining European Values

    Henry George, “Unreal Liberalism in an Unreal World”
    Gregor Puppinck, “The Capture of Human Rights by Supranational and Progressivist Private Groups”
    Alex Kaschuta “Men and Women at the End of History”
    Rodrigo Ballester, “Redefining European Values: It's None of EU's Business”

    Moderator: Johan Wennström

    10:55am Coffee Break
    11:25am Panel 2: Challenges to National Independence

    Francesco Giubilei, “The Centrality of the Concept of Sovereignty for European Nations”
    Juan Ángel Soto Gomez, “Waking up to Perennial Threats”
    Baroness Foster of Oxton DBE

    Moderator: Jorge González-Gallarza Hernández

    Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki
    1:00pm Lunch Break
    2:00pm Panel 3: EU Institutions vs the Nation State

    Balázs Hidvéghi MEP, "The Corruption of Liberal Democracy"
    Gladden Pappin, “After the End of Globalization”
    Lorcan Price, “International Institutions and National Legal Systems, the Case for Sovereignty”
    Prof. Werner Patzelt, “Why the EU Needs Nation States as its Building Blocks”

    Moderator: Ágnes Zsófia Magyar

    Andrew Roberts, “Winston Churchill and the Nation State”
    3:40pm Coffee Break
    4:10pm Panel 4: EU as a Sovereign

    Hermann Tertsch MEP, "Social Democracy in Europe"
    Constantinos Bogdanos MP, "Is Europe Prepared to Defend Itself?"
    David Campbell Bannerman, “Chairman of the Freedom Association”
    Rob Roos MEP, “A Strategy for Conservative Cooperation”

    Moderator: Hélène de Lauzun

    Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Janša
    Yoram Hazony, "Closing Remarks: The Bible, Nations, and Peace"


    The NatCon conference in Rome was like a long-hoped-for stream of fresh air in the stuffy atmosphere of today’s Europe.
    Ryszard Legutko Polish philosopher, politician, and professor

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