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Conference Schedule

7:00 am Registration Opens
9:00 am Opening Remarks
Christopher DeMuth
9:20 am Plenary I
Yoram Hazony, “Clarity, Unity, Restoration”
Rachel Bovard, “We Know Who We Are”
Kevin Roberts, “A Forgotten Nation No More”
10:30 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Breakout I:

A:  Breaking the China Addiction
Chair: Curt Mills
David Goldman, “China’s Long March Into the Global South”
Robert Spalding III, “Telecom and Computer Networks”
David Harvilicz, “Energy and Commercial Policy”
Brian Kennedy, “We Have to Make Things Again—Especially Weapons”

B:  An Immediate End to the Border Crisis
Chair: Eric Teetsel
Mark Krikorian, “The Global Asylum Regime is an Existential Threat”
Theo Wold, “Decolonizing America: the Necessity of Deportation”
Tom Homan, “What Congress Must Do To Fix the Southern Border”
Kevin Lynn, “Ending the Abuse of Legal Immigration”

C:  Corporations Against Conservatives
Chair: Arthur Milikh
John Ehrett, “The Myth of Citizens United”
Jonathan Berry, “Sovereignty and Corporate Power”
Todd Zywicki, “The Mozilla Fallout”
Ryan Newman, “Solving the Corporations vs Conservatives Problem”

12:30 pm Lunch Break
2:00 pm Plenary II
Suella Braverman
David Malpass, “Recovering from Globalism”
Saurabh Sharma, “We Need Nationalist Alliance Across Borders to Win”
Stephen Miller
3:30 pm Coffee Break
4:00 pm Breakout II:

A. Lawfare: The Criminalization of Politics
Chair: Ellen Fantini
John Yoo, “Prosecuting for Fun, Profit, and Survival.”
Mike Howell, “Lawfare: How to Begin Fighting Back”
John Eastman, “Living in the Shadow of Lawfare”
Will Chamberlain, “Lawfare and Deterrence”

B:  India and the West
Chair: James Orr
Ofir Haivry, “A Revised Place for India in Western Foreign Policy?”
Swapan Dasgupta, “Why India Suspects American Intentions”
Jeff Smith, “The Bad Bet on Pakistan (and the Good Bet on India)”
Walter Russell Mead

C:  Big Tech and Big Porn
Chair: Megan Basham
Adam Candeub, “Kids Don’t Have a First Amendment Right to Porn”
Clare Morell, “Parents Need Better Laws to Back Them Up”
Ryan Baasch, “Porn’s Penumbras”
Emily Jashinsky

5:30 pm Break
6:30 pm Conference Dinner

Chair: Anna Wellisz
Benediction: Fr. Ben Kiely

Beaconsfield Prize
Awarded to Ryszard Legutko
Presented by R.R. Reno

Address by Sen. Josh Hawley

10:00 pm End of Day 1
9:00 am Benediction: R. Menachem Zupnik
9:10 am Special Session I
Weaponization of Government and Our Broken Senate
Chair: Sen. Jim DeMint
Sen. Ron Johnson
Sen. Mike Lee
Sen. Rick Scott
10:10 am Special Session II
The Crisis of Meaning and Morality in the West
Chair: Yoram Hazony
Albert Mohler, “The Impotence of Secular Conservatism”
Douglas Wilson, “Archimedes, the Overton Window, and Evangelical Cohesion”
11:10 am Coffee Break  
11:30 am Breakout III: 

A:  Islam, Israel, and the West
Chair: Steven Skultety
Ben Weingarten, “The Islamic Supremacist Challenge to America”
Ed Husain, “Islam vs. Islamism”
Eugene Kontorovich, “Lawfare Against Israel and the West”
Mike Doran, “The Azerbaijan Option Against Iran”

B. Working Class Conservatism
Chair: Ed Corrigan
Riley Moore, “Blue Collar Conservatism in Practice”
Batya Ungar-Sargon, “Working Class Voters are Desperate for Economic Representation”
Tyler Clancy, “Wrestling the GOP Back from Corporate Influence”

C: Surviving Late Liberalism
Chair: Clifford Humphrey
Auron MacIntyre, “What is Driving Worldwide Revolution?”
Paul Gottfried, “Waving Goodbye to an Expendable Ally”
Jeremy Carl, “On the Persecution of Whites in America”
John Davidson, “How to Fight a Religious War”

1:00 pm Lunch Break
2:30 pm Plenary III
Elbridge Colby, “The Right Foreign Policy for Conservatives is Prioritization”
Tom Klingenstein, “Republican Leaders are MIA”
Balázs Orbán, “Preventing another Era of Neoliberal Foreign Policy”
Ram Madhav, “India’s Vision for World Conservatism”
Sen. Eric Schmitt
4:15 pm Coffee Break
4:45 pm Breakout IV:

A: Separation of Church and State Has Failed
Chair: Brad Littlejohn
Timon Cline, “The Case for Renouncing Separation of Church and State”
Josh Hammer, “The Jewish-Christian Anti-‘Separationism’ Alliance”
Josh Mitchell, “America Already Has an Established Church”
R.R. Reno, “Should Catholics Fear Ending Separation?”

B. High Tech and the Nation
Chair: Christopher DeMuth
Andrzej Zybertowicz, “How Social Media Set Culture Adrift”
Mike Benz, “The Whole-of-Society Censorship Framework”
Kara Frederick, “Artificial Intelligence and Self-Governance”

C: The Future of Europe
Chair: James Carafano
John O’Sullivan, “Are Europeans Defending a Continent… or an Idea?”
James Orr, “Europe After America: From Nato-politanism to National Conservatism”
Alexandre Pesey, “A Conservative Revolution in France?”
Sumantra Maitra, “Toward a Reformed NATO”

6:30 pm Evening Program
Chair: Ryan Williams

Vivek Ramaswamy, “National Libertarians and National Protectionists”
10:00 pm End of Day 2


9:00 am Benediction: Rev. Uriesou Brito
9:10 am Plenary IV
Sen. Roger Marshall
Scott Bessent, “Industrial Policy as Innovation, Military, and Insurance Policy”
Jack Posobiec, “This Year We Can Save Western Civilization”
Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, “Iran: Ending the Islamist Caliphate and Returning to the Nation State”
10:30 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Breakout V: 

A: How We’re Engineering Food and Energy Insecurity
Chair: Linnea Lueken
Anna Wellisz, “How the West Will Fall”
Myron Ebell, “NetZero is a Catastrophic Industrial Policy”
Emmet Penney, “Stewarding Our Industrial Commons”
Paul Driessen, “The War on Modern Agriculture”

B: Beyond Dobbs
Chair: Chad Pecknold
Tom McClusky, “Post-Dobbs: Combating the Left’s War on Human Dignity”
Mary Margaret Olohan, “The Tide Turns on Gender Ideology”
Emma Waters, “Pro-Natal Policies vs. the Birth Dearth”
Katy Talento, “Dismantle the Anti-Life Administrative State”

C:  New Enterprises on the Right
Chair: Colin Moran
Titus Techera, “A Revolution in Journalism is Coming on the Right”
Justin Shubow, “How We Turned the Tables on Modern Architectural Eyesores”
Jonathan Keeperman, “Dissident Artists and Publishing are Creating a New Culture”
Amanda Milius, “How the Right Discovered Documentary Film”

12:30 pm Lunch Break
1:45 pm Breakout VI:  

A: The Universities: What to Do
Chair: Daniel Jacobson
Inez Stepman, “How Congress Can Break the Higher Ed Cartel”
Scott Yenor, “Reforming Higher Ed and the K-12 System”
Mark Bauerlein, “Reforming a College From the Ground Up”
Gladden Pappin, “How Hungary Is Transforming Higher Education”

B: Alternative Political Structures
Chair: Daniel McCarthy
N.S. Lyons, “The Parallel Path to Political Power”
Ernst Roets, “The Afrikaner Philosophy of Fixing Your Own Problems”
Delano Squires, “Lessons from Booker T. Washington on Building Enduring Institutions”
William Schambra, “Conservative Parallel Structures Must Be Found, Not Built”

3:15 pm Coffee Break
3:45 pm Plenary V
David Azerrad, “Enemies of the State: The Left’s Schmittian Politics”
Paul Dans, “Conservatives Must Get Ready to Govern”
Oren Cass, “Fanfare for the Common Man”
4:45 pm Concluding Remarks
Anna Wellisz
6:45 pm VIP Dinner
Chair: Christopher DeMuth

Address by Sen. J.D. Vance

Remarks by Alex Cranberg
Concluding address by James Orr
10:00 pm Conference Concludes
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