Fr. Benedict Kiely

Father Benedict Kiely is a Catholic priest and the founder of He devotes his priestly ministry to aid and advocacy for persecuted Christians, especially in the Middle East.

Father Benedict Kiely gave a benediction titled “A Prayer for Harmony”




Rev. Dr. Uri Brito

Rev. Dr. Uri Brito is the Senior Pastor of Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida. He is the author and contributor to several books and most recently co-authored a commentary on the Book of Jonah (Athanasius Press). Brito is a member of the board of directors for Theopolis Institute and Senior Fellow of Pastoral Theology for the Center for Cultural Leadership. He is the founder of the Kuyperian Commentary, a digital publication, and podcast found at

Rev. Dr. Uri Brito gave a benediction titled “A Prayer for American Religious Renewal”

R. Menachem Zupnik

R. Menachem Zupnik is the venerated rabbi of Congregation Beis Torah U’Tefilah and one of the architects of the flourishing Orthodox Jewish community of Passaic, New Jersey. He lectures on Judaism internationally and is a featured teacher for the Torah Communications Network, among many other venues.

R. Menachem Zupnik gave a benediction titled “A Prayer for God’s Guidance”