NatCon 3

The National Conservatism Conference brings together public figures, journalists, scholars, and students who understand that the past and future of conservatism are inextricably tied to the idea of the nation, to the principle of national independence, and to the revival of the unique national traditions that alone have the power to bind a people together and bring about their flourishing.


Confirmed speakers:

Session Chairs:


Conference Schedule

11:00am Registration Opens
12:00pm VIP Reception
Address: Blake Masters
1:00pm Welcome and Introductions: Christopher DeMuth

Benediction: Fr. Benedict Kiely

Keynote Address I:
Peter Thiel, The Tech Curse”

1:45pm Special Mainstage Event: The Challenge of China
Chair: Christopher DeMuth
David Goldman, ​“Five Myths About China and Why They Could Get Us Killed”
Elbridge Colby
, “Why Defending Taiwan is in America’s National Interest”
Gen. Robert Spalding, “Data, AI, and the New Age of War”
2:45pm Breakout I

A: The American System
Chair: Wells King
Michael Lind, What Would Hamilton Do? American Economic Strategy After Neoliberalism”
Johnny Burtka, Rediscovering the American School of Economics”
Alan Tonelson, An America First Approach to Trade and Competition”
Clyde Prestowitz, Back to the Future

B: The NatCon Governing Agenda
Chair: Ryan Williams
R.R. Reno, “Restoring the Social Contract
Will Chamberlain, Wartime Conservatism, Redux”
Saurabh Sharma, Implementing American Creation”
Julie Kelly, How to Dismantle Our Corrupt Justice Department”

C: ESG: Evil, Stupidity, or Grift?
Chair: Alex Cranberg
Justin Danhof, Post ESG Investing”
Andy Puzder, ESG Investing is an Attack on the Free Market”
Theo Wold, ESG: Greed Beyond Profit”
Liz Wheeler
, “How ESG Locks in DEI—And What Can Be Done About It”

4:15pm Coffee Break
4:30pm Breakout II

A: Constitutional Issues Post-Dobbs
Chair: Garrett Snedeker
Hadley Arkes, “Conservatives and the Legacy of Holmes
Josh Hammer, Common Good Originalism After Dobbs
John Yoo, National Conservatism and the Courts: Compatible or Contradictory?”
Judge Janice Rogers Brown, The Arc of the Covenant”

B: Trans America
Chair: Paul du Quenoy
Jay Richards, “What is Gender Ideology?”
Miriam Grossman, “Gender Ideology and the Medical Experiment on our Children”
Kelsey Bolar, “Gender Ideology and the Assault on Families and Parents”
Terry Schilling, “How to Defeat Gender Ideology”

C: The Future of Conservatism
Chair: Nate Hochman
Michael Brendan Dougherty, “Two Hearths, Two Futures”
David Azerrad
, “Against the Black Pill”
John O’Sullivan, “The Newness of Liberal Democracy and the Oldness of National Conservatism”
Ofir Haivry, “How Conservatism Can Make Democracy Work Again”

6:00pm Conference Dinner
Chair: Marion Smith

Keynote Address II:
Sen. Rick Scott, “My Plan to Rescue America”

9/11 Memorial

Remarks: Marion Smith

Keynote Address III:
Gov. Ron DeSantis

10:00pm End of Day 1


9:00am Plenary I:
Chair: David Brog

Benediction: R. Menachem Zupnik

Rachel Bovard, “The Fierce Urgency of How: A NatCon Agenda for 2022 and Beyond”

9:30am Keynote Address IV
Sen. Marco Rubio, “The Loss of Common Sense: The New Divide in American Politics”
10:00am Coffee Break
10:15am Plenary II:
Yoram Hazony, “After the Revolution—What Happens Next?”
Kevin Roberts, “The Second American Revolution: Rebuilding Conservatism and Restoring Self-Government”
11:00am Keynote Address V:
Sen. Josh Hawley
11:30am Breakout III

A: Immigration
Chair: Byron Smith
Mark Krikorian, “How ‘Asylum’ is Swallowing US Immigration Policy”
Kevin Lynn, ​“How Employment Visas Harm America”
Jason Richwine, ​“The Empirical Evidence for Immigration Restriction”

B: Woke World Order
Chair: Sean Davis
Darren Beattie, Can One Be an American Nationalist?”
Austin Ruse, How Christian Conservatives Beat the UN and How You Can, Too” 
John Fonte, Woke Revolutionaries vs National Heroes”
Balázs Orban, The EU is a Woke Leviathan”

C: Protestantism and Anglo-American Conservatism
Chair: Daniel Strand
Brad Littlejohn, All Politics is Post-Liberal”
Timon Cline, Church and State in Colonial America”
Glenn Moots, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Christian Nationalism”
James Wood, The Limits of Winsome Politics”

1:00pm Lunch Break
2:30pm Plenary III
Chair: Anna Wellisz
Mollie Hemingway
, “How Long Can America Survive a Two-Tiered System of Justice?”
Joseph Rigney, “The Tao in America: The Abolition of Man and the Culture War”
Wilfred McClay
, “On Being a Serious Country”
Rep. Ken Buck, “Cutting through the Noise on Big Tech: Antitrust and the GOP”
4:00pm Coffee Break
4:30pm Breakout IV

A: Race
Chair: Derryck Green
Ian Rowe, Agency: Empowering the Rising Generation of All Races”
Julio Rosas, The Media’s Role in Fanning the Flames of Racial Tension”
Mike Gonzalez, ​“The Color That Should Concern Us is Red”
Andre Archie, ​“The Virtue of Color-Blindness”

B: Family and Congregation
Chair: Ellen Kryger Fantini
Alex Kaschuta, ​“The Tragedy of our Commons”
Scott Yenor, ​“A Sexual Ecosystem Fit for Family Life”
Delano Squires, America's Prodigal Fathers”
Katy Faust, ​“This is a Child”

C: Nationalism and Catholic Political Thought
Chair: James Lucier
Nathan Pinkoski, ​“Catholicism and the Necessity of Nationalism”
Daniel Burns
, ​“Catholic Patriotism in a Protestant Nation”
Susan Hanssen, ​“Justice Requires Love of Nation
Pavlos Papadoupolos, ​“The Spiritedness of 1776”

6:00pm Student Session

Dinner Break

7:30pm Movie Night!
Mainstage event
Classic Film Screening The Wind and the Lion—A Salute to Director John Milius
Followed by remarks and Q & A with Amanda Milius
10:30pm End of Day 2


9:00am Plenary IV
Chair: R.R. Reno

Benediction: Rev. Dr. Uri Brito

State Treasurer Riley Moore, “Winning Wall Street’s War on West Virginia”
Michael Anton, “Confronting the National Security State”
Fr. Benedict Kiely, “The Deep Things Which Inhabit the Native Soul”
Michael Knowles, “One Nation Under God”

10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Breakout V

A: America vs. China
Chair: Raphael BenLevi
Matthew Turpin, “U.S. China Policy: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going”
Josh Steinman, “China and the Case for Promoting the National Industrial Base”
Sumantra Maitra, “Defensive Realism, American Grand-Strategy and Balancing China”
Ben Weingarten, “China’s Capture of US Elites and What to Do About It”

B: Media and Culture
Chair: Libby Emmons
Emily Jashinsky, “The Cultural Populist’s Agenda”
David Reaboi, “Culture, Aesthetics and the New Right”
Amber Athey, “How to Cripple the Left-Wing Media Machine”
Christina Pushaw, “Defeating the Legacy Media's Regime Narrative Enforcement”

C: Protestantism and National Conservatism
Chair: Clifford Humphrey
William Wolfe, “A Christian Case for an 'America First' Government”
Aaron Renn
, “Personnel is Policy”
Megan Basham, “How Pastors are Compromising the Gospel to Appease the Left”
Micah Meadowcroft, “Genesis and American Conservation”

12:30pm Conservative Partnership Institute Student Luncheon (Palmetto 1-3)

Lunch Break

2:00pm Plenary V
Chair: Clifford Humphrey
Rod Dreher, “Shadrach in American Babylon”
Tom Klingenstein, “Interrogating Political Candidates”
Yeonmi Park, “The Fundamentals of Freedom: Why We Must Fight Tyranny”
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Breakout VI

A: Securing the Integrity of American Elections
Chair: Hans von Spakovsky
Kerri Toloczko, “Protecting Elections Through Citizen Engagement”
Scott Walter, “How the Left Abuses Charitable Money in Elections”
Christian Adams, “Litigating for Election Integrity”
Jessica Anderson, “The Legislative Efforts to Secure our Elections”

B: 1960s Fusionism: What Went Wrong
Chair: David Brog
Paul Gottfried, “The Failure of Fusionism”
Jason Jewell
, “Russell Kirk vs. Fusionism: A Conflict in Name Only?”
Daniel McCarthy
, “Public Orthodoxy vs. the Tyranny of Rights”
Eugene Meyer, “Fusionism Properly Understood”

C: Catholics and Contemporary National Conservatism
Chair: Anna Wellisz
Emile Doak, “There Is No Global Common Good”
Michael McKenna, “Prevailing Over Unholy Forces: Catholics and the Present Threats”
Helen Roy, “Women, Catholicism, and the Nation”
Matthew Peterson
, “Catholicism and the Next America”

5:30pm Break
6:30pm Closing Conference Dinner

Keynote Address VI
Albert Mohler, “‘Your God Will Have Been Supplanted by an Idol’: The Dangerous Illusion of a ‘Secular’ State”

10:00pm End of Conference

Safe Travels!

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