Conference Schedule


Sunday, October 31
1:00 pm –
4:00 pm
Registration and General Reception
3:00 pm –
4:00 pm
VIP Reception
4:00 pm Welcome and Opening Remarks:
Christopher DeMuth

Keynote Address:
Peter Thiel

4:45 pm

Breakout I:
A: The Challenge of China
Chair: Ben Weingarten
Michael Pillsbury, “China’s 100 Year Marathon”
Curt Mills, “Why China Matters Heading Into 2024”
David Goldman, “What Happens if China Leads the 4th Industrial Revolution?”
Michael Anton, “America and Taiwan in the 21st Century”

B: Marriage, Family, and Nation
Chair: Tom Spence
Scott Yenor, “The Family Form That Nations Need”

Mary Harrington
, “Trads, Cads, and Radfems”
Austin Ruse, “The Newly Established Church Comes for Your Family”
R. Menachem Zupnik, “The Foundations That Must Be Repaired”

C: Popular Culture and the Nation
Chair: Will Chamberlain
Alyssa Cordova, “The Cancel Culture and Conservative Books”
Amanda Milius, “The Movies and the Nation’s Mythology”
Emily Jashinsky
, “Culture Crack-Up”
Batya Ungar-Sargon, “America’s Hidden Class Divide and Our Terrible Media”

6:15 pm Break
6:30 pm Conference Dinner

Opening Remarks and Benediction:
Christopher DeMuth
Rev. John Stonestreet
Marcell Felipe
, “Why Cuban Americans Get the Marxist Threat”

Keynote Address:
Glenn Loury, “The Case for Black Patriotism”

Keynote Address:
Sen. Josh Hawley, “The Future of the American Man”

10:00 pm End of Day 1
Monday, November 1
9:00 am

Opening Remarks and Benediction:
Anna Wellisz
Rabbi Menachem Zupnik
Christopher Rufo
, “Critical Race Theory and Its Enemies”

Keynote Address:
Sen. Marco Rubio, “We Need Corporate Patriotism to Defeat American Marxism”

Keynote Address:
Sen. Ted Cruz, “American Revival”

10:30 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Plenary I
Chair: Rusty Reno
Sohrab Ahmari, “Neoliberal Nowhere-Land”
Yoram Hazony, “De-Fusionism”
11:45 am

Breakout II
A: America Among the Nations
Chair: Johnny Burtka
Nadia Schadlow, “The End of Globalism”
Daniel McCarthy, “American Security in the Age of Entropy”
Kiron Skinner, “The Trump Doctrine Still Matters”
Gil Barndollar, “Obstacles to Change: People, Ideas & Things”

B: The American Future
Chair: Liz Wheeler
Nate Fischer, “The National Good in the Digital Age”
Seth Dillon, “A Future Without Comedy? Censorship, Satire, and The Babylon Bee”
Sarah Sumner, “It’s All About Who We Say God Is”

C: Virtue, the Free Market, and the Nation
Chair: Marion Smith
Richard Reinsch, “The Moral and Political Foundation of the Market Order”
David Rose, “Why Conservative Concerns About Market Economics are About Half Right”
Jay Richards, “Truths Conservatism Should Draw From Economic History”
Diana Furchtgott-Roth
, “Are Nationalism and Free Trade Compatible?”

1:15 pm Lunch Break
2:30 pm Plenary II
Chair: David Brog
Patrick Deneen
, “America’s Pre-Liberal Past and Post-Liberal Future”
Rich Lowry
, “The Assault on American National Identity”
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “The Menace of Wokeism”
Christopher DeMuth, “Why I am a National Conservative”
4:00 pm Coffee Break
4:30 pm

Breakout III
A: Woke Capitalism
Chair: Colin Moran
Justin Danhof, “How the Left Captured Big Business”
Vivek Ramaswamy, “The Church of Diversity and an American Reformation”
Matt Peterson, “The Commercial-Cultural Movement That Can Save America”

B: Anglo-American Conservatism
Chair: R. Yehoshua Pfeffer
David Brog, “Anglo-American Nationalism from Disraeli to Today”
Ofir Haivry, “Tradition and Nationhood from Selden to Burke”
Brad Littlejohn, “Pragmatic Empiricism and the American Founding”

C: Immigration
Chair: Rusty Reno
Mark Krikorian,
“Mass Immigration vs. Modern Society”
Brandon Judd,
“Causes of the Border Crisis and Steps to Solving It”
John Fonte
, “The Migration Crisis and the American Regime”

6:00 pm Dinner Break
Student Session
8:00 pm Panel Discussion with Sohrab Ahmari, Yoram Hazony, Douglas Murray, and Dave Rubin
10:00 pm End of Day 2
Tuesday, November 2
9:00 am Plenary III
Chair: Rusty Reno
Miranda Devine, “The Laptop from Hell and the New Censorship Regime”
Chris Wright
, “A Witch’s Brew of Politics, Corporate Virtue Signaling and Climate Alarmism”
Rod Dreher, “What Conservatives Must Learn from Orban’s Hungary”
Dave Rubin, “The Future Conservative”
10:30 am Coffee Break
11:00 am

Breakout IV
A: Worker Power
Chair: Luke Moon
Oren Cass
, “Why National Conservatism Needs Worker Power”
Sean McGarvey, “State of the Union”
Brian Dijkema, “Reviving the Roots of the American Labor Movement”

B: Catholicism and the Nation
Chair: James Lucier
Anna Wellisz
, “Patriotism as a Commandment”
Robert Royal, “Our Biggest Unadmitted Bias”
Rusty Reno, “Catholic Universalism and National Loyalty”

C: What Is National Conservatism?
Chair: Aylana Meisel
Ryan Williams, “The Founders, Conservatism, and Nationalism”
Josh Hammer, “National Conservatism: The Only Path Forward”
Rachel Bovard, “National Conservative Priorities”
Julius Krein, “Nationalism: Theory and Practice”

12:30 pm Lunch Break
2:00 pm Plenary IV
Chair: Johnny Burtka
Michael Knowles, “Does America Still Have a Future?”
Carol Swain
, “What Christianity Has to Say About Race”
Tom Klingenstein, “Winning the Cold Civil War”
Mary Eberstadt, “Why Conservatism? An Open Letter to Young Americans”
3:30 pm Coffee Break
4:00 pm

Breakout V
A: Race and the Nation
Chair: David Brog
Derryck Green, “Racial Identity or National Identity?”
Joshua Mitchell, “How Identity Politics Betrays the Least Among Us”
Jason D. Hill, “Creating America’s New Manifest Destiny”
Mike Gonzalez, “How Race is Being Used to Introduce Marxism in America”

B: Protestantism, Nationalism, and Political Culture
Chair: Nate Fischer
Chris Buskirk
, “Albion’s Seed and the American Political Order”
Ben Dunson, “Evangelicals’ Fraught Relationship with Politics”
Colin Redemer, “The American Founding, Christianity, and the Law of Nations”

C: International Nationalist Alliance
Chair: Ofir Haivry
Balazs Orban,“National Conservatism in Today’s Europe”
Alvino-Mario Fantini, “Strengthening International Alliances Through Media”
John O’Sullivan, “Why Internationalism Needs Nation-States”

5:30 pm Break
6:30 pm Closing Conference Dinner

Concluding Remarks and Benediction:
Christopher DeMuth
Fr. Matthew DeGance
Dave Rubin-Jonathan Isaac, Discussion 

Keynote Address:
J.D. Vance, “The Universities are the Enemy”

10:00 pm End of Conference
Safe Travels!