Conference Schedule

National Conservatism:

Founding Conference, Washington DC
July 14-16, 2019


Sunday, July 14
4:30 pm VIP Reception
5:30 pm Registration and General Welcome Reception
6:30 pm Dinner
Keynote Address 1:
Peter Thiel, TBA
9:00 pm End of Day 1
Monday, July 15
9:00 am Plenary I
Speaker 1   Chris DeMuth, “The Nationalist Awakening”
Speaker 2   David Brog, “Roots of American Nationalism”
Speaker 3   Mary Eberstadt, “Social Conservatism and the National Interest”
Speaker 4   Rusty Reno, “Christian Universalism and American Nationalism”
Speaker 5   Yoram Hazony, “Why National Conservatism?”
11:10 am Coffee Break
11:40 am Keynote Address 2: 
Tucker Carlson, “Big Business Hates Your Family”
+ q and a
12:30 pm Lunch Break
2:00 pm Breakout I
A:  The Nation and Conservative Tradition
Yuval Levin, “Burke and the Nation”
Ofir Haivry, “Burke and the American Constitution”
Michael Barone, “The Conservative Tradition in America”

B: International Institutions vs. National Independence
Ryszard Legutko, “Nationalism, Conservatism and the European Union”
John Fonte, “American Transnationalism, the EU, and the Davoisie”
Daniel Pipes, “How Immigration and Islamization Build Nationalism in Europe”
John O’Sullivan, “Euro-Nationalism or Euro-Imperialism?”
3:30 pm Coffee Break
4:00 pm Breakout II A: American National Conservatism
Rich Lowry, “Why America Isn’t an Idea”
Daniel McCarthy, “National Conservatism in the Early American Republic”
Amity Shlaes, “Coolidge Nationalism and the Things of the Spirit”
Andre Archie, “Narrative and the Nation”

B: Immigration
Amy Wax, “American Greatness and Immigration: The Case for Low and Slow”
Scott McConnell, “Is a Nationalist Immigration Policy Even Possible in West?”
Mike Gonzalez, “Ending the Regime of Race”
Luma Simms, “Immigration and the Desire for Rootedness”
5:30 pm Dinner Break
7:00 pm Evening Program
Debate on Economic Nationalism:
Oren Cass, Richard Reinsch (incl. 2-minute speeches from the floor).
9:00 pm End of Day 2
Tuesday, July 16
9:00 am

Plenary II
Speaker 6   J.D. Vance, “Getting Beyond Libertarianism”
Speaker 7   Michael Anton, “Downsides of Hard and Soft Imperialism”
Speaker 8  Claire Lehmann, “Nationalism as an Antidote to Racism”
Speaker 9   David Webb, “National Cohesion and the Complexity of Identity Politics and Culture”
Speaker 10   Patrick Deneen, “Sustainable Conservatism”

11:10 am Coffee Break
11:40 am Keynote Address 3:
Amb. John Bolton, TBA+ q and a
12:30 pm Lunch Break
2:00 pm Breakout III
A: National Conservatism and Foreign Affairs
David Goldman, “Imperial China’s Challenge to Nationalism”
Rebeccah Heinrichs, “The Case for Strong Allies”
Michael Doran, “Nationalism and Foreign Policy: The Case of the Middle East”
Cliff May, “America as Sheriff, Not as Cop”

B: Labor, Trade and Industrial Policy
John Carney, “Economic Nationalism vs. Special Interests”
Salena Zito, “What’s This Revolt About?”
Julius Krein, “A Strategy for National Development”
3:30 pm Coffee Break
4:00 pms Breakout IV 
A: Identity Politics vs. National Conservatism
Josh Mitchell, “Identity Politics and the Stain of Inheritance”
David Azerrad, “What Comes after Identity Politics?”
Bob Woodson, “Conservative Values in Rebuilding Family and Community.”

B: Globalism and the Nation
Chris Buskirk, “Globalism Dehumanizes Us and Threatens Ordered Liberty”
Frank Buckley, “The Logic and Limits of American Nationalism”
Jules Gomes, “Christianity, Globalism, and the Nation”
Arthur Milikh, “The Nation and Big Tech”
5:30 pm Break
6:30 pm Dinner
Keynote Address IV: Sen. Josh Hawley, TBA
9:00 pm End of Conference

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